Avions cargos, transport militaire
Cargo planes, military transport

Airbus A300-600 ST Belouga
Taxiing at Toulouse Blagnac
Huge aircraft at Evreux  (b&w)
No3 at Le Bourget
        Taking off from Le Bourget
        Passage No3

Antonov 124
An124-100 Volga Dniepr taxiing at Tahiti
An124-100 Volga Dniepr head on view

Antonov 26
An26 Polish Air Force at Dijon
An26 Polish Air Force head on view
Polish Air Force close up

Antonov 70
Side view at Le Bourget 1999
Ukraine colors 16 blades contra-rotatives propellers (strange metal flowers)
Antonov festival at Le Bourget 1999 : An70 and An124 in the background

Antonov 74
In flight

Casa CN235
Spanish Air force
Spanish Air force aerobatic team support plane with Patrouille de France in the sky (bad weather !)
Morocco Air Force at Dijon
Morocco Air Force at Cerny

C160 Transall
Waiting under rain at Dijon
C160NG Patrouille de France support plane
C160NG Close up on nose
Classic landing
2 C160NG In flight refuelling demonstration
2 C160NG In flight refuelling demonstration artist photo
C160 at Villa Coublay 1981  (b&w)
C160NG taking off from Evreux
Five C160NG in "aerobatic" patrol flight !

Iliouchine 76
        Il76M Close up
        Il76M taxiing at Le Bourget
        Il76M Landing at Le Bourget

Iliouchine 114
Taxiing at Le Bourget 1997

Lockheed C130 Hercules
C130J Taxiing at Le Bourget 1999

Mac Donnell Douglas C17 Globemaster III
Taxiing at Le Bourget
Landing at Le Bourget

Nord 2501 Noratlas
At Villa Coublay 1981 (b&w)
At le Bourget 1997

Nord 262 Frégate
At Villa Coublay 1981 (b&w)

No 2 At Toulouse