Secours / Lutte contre l'incendie       Rescue / fire bombers

Canadair CL 215

No23 On approach skimming
No23 Skimming
No23 Taking off
No23 A few days later at Le Bourget
No 05 "bombing"

Canadair CL 415

First aircraft for Securité civile
No36 crusing
No 36 inflight with Tracker "T2"
No33 at Cerny with Tracker and Turbo Tracker

Gruman Tracker & Turbo Tracker

"T2" On demonstration at Cerny
Nice shot for photo contest
On the ground at Cerny
Tracker "T2" and Turbo Tracker 07 in close flight

Eurocopter Dauphin

Dauphin I in Britany
Dauphin II in London (182Ko)