Avions de ligne d'aujourd'hui - Today's airliners

Certains clichés sont de mauvaise qualité, certains datent de mon enfance d'autres ont été pris au travers du hublot d'un autre avion. Ils sont là pour le plaisir du spotter.
Some shots are of bad quality, I took them in my childhood or from the window of another plane. Here they are for the spotter's pleasure.

Aircrafts pictures

Airbus A330
        Gulf Air

Airbus A300/600 ST Bélouga
       Décollage No 3
        No 3, passage
        Le Bourget 1999.

Airbus A320
       Air Charter

"We'd rather be flying Airbus !!!" (Corean Airlines and Egypt Air pilots)

Beriev Be200 

        Be200 passage
        Be200 waterbombing
        Be200 landed
        Le Bourget 1999

Boeing 707
       Air France
        This aircraft preserved at Le Bourget.

Boeing 737
        Air Charter
        Tarom aside an IL76 at Vien
        Last picture shot at Eathrow 1981.

Boeing 747
       Air France

Boeing 767
       Air Algérie

Canadair CRJ
        Air France / Air Inter / Air Littoral (!)
        Lille 1997

        Consulter la page spéciale - See the special page

Dassault Mercure 200
        Air Inter
        This aircraft preserved at Le Bourget.
        Notice the beautifull design and compare to her direct oponent : the B737 ! The two planes have same engines
        same capacities, same speed and range...


        DC10-30 AOM
        DC10-30 AOM
        DC9-63 AOM
        These pictures from Paris Orly Sud airport.

Iliouchine 18

Iliouchine 76
       IL76M push
        IL76M taxiing
        IL76M landing

Iliouchine 86
       IL86 expo
        Le Bourget 1981

Iliouchine 96
       IL96 parking
       IL96M expo
        IL96T passage
        IL96M seen at Le Bourget 1995

Sud Aviation SE 210 Caravelle
        Air Provence
        This aircraft preserved at Le Bourget.

Toupolev Tu134
       Ukraine International Airlines
        Ukraine internatiional Airlines
        First picture shot at Eathrow 1981, others at Kiev Boryspil 1999 from taxiing Austrian A321.
        (bad quality)

Toupolev Tu154-B2
        Tu154-B2 and Boryspil passenger terminal
        Shots from Kiev Boryspil 06/2000
        Second shot from taxiing Suissair A320


A300 B4 Air France
     Flight Engeneer

B747-100 Air France
     Logo Air France


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