Les avions suivants sont pour la plupart encore en vie et animés par The Fighter collection, The Old flying Machine Company, The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, L'AJBS, Forteresse toujours volante... et j'en oublie...
A ce jour le Mosquito, le P38, le Buchon , le Catalina blanc et un mustang sont détruits, par accident en vol.
Je tiens à remercier très vivement mon très bon ami Carlos Carvalho pour sa très importante participation.
Following airplanes are still airworthy thanks to The Fighter collection, The Old flying Machine Company, The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight,the AJBS, Forteresse toujours volante...and many others. But Mosquito,  P38,  Buchon, white Catalina and one mustang are crashed...
I want to give very great thanks to my very good friend Carlos Carvalho for his very important contribution.

Avro Lancaster
     In flight 1
     In flight 2
        Pictures from Duxford 1999

Boeing B17F (G) Flying fortress
     In her former colors, from the remake film Memphis Belle
     Argh ! pontoise 1998
     Ready to go
        Aircraft of "Forteresse toujours volante", still in flying conditions ! Actual colors of her war period.

Boeing KC97
     Seen at Le Bourget

Chance Vought F4 Corsair
     Check list
     Taxiing at Rouen
     Landing at Rouen
     Parking F-AZVJ
     F-AZEG taxiing at Cerny
     Early production aircraft taxiing
     The one at Breitling fighters
     3 Corsair F4 in flight together !
        Last picture unfortunenately bad : that was not part of the airshow, I got it with 1000mm focal !

Consolidated PBY Catalina
     Just arrived at Cerny Beautifull picture by my friend Carlos Carvalho. Crashed.
     Parking at Toulouse This aircraft had flown with P. BAUDRY a trip following ancient Aéropostale lines.
     In flight
     Wheels down

Curtiss P40 Warhawk
     Former colors
     Ugly monster
     Taxiing at Lyon Bron 1991

De Haviland Dragon Rapide
     Cerny based
     Duxford based
     Other one Duxford based

De Haviland Dragonfly
     In flight La Ferté Alais 1998

De Haviland Mosquito
     Expo at Lille
     Engine fairing and landing gear (left) Notice only five exhaust pipes.
         That day she had critical engine failure while demonstrating but pilot led her safely to the ground.
         One week later she crashed...

Douglas A/B26 Invader
     Parking at Lille
     In flight
     Starting engines

Douglas Skyraider
     In flight !
     Expo french colors
     Foggy morning and former navy color scheme
     Approaching !

Fairey Swordfish
     Taxiing at Duxford
     On taxiway

Gruman F7 Tigercat
     High speed passage
     Having rest
     Passage Small picture
     Passage Small picture

Gruman Wildcat / Hellcat / Bearcat / TBM
     War perfume
     Expo at Cerny
     Hellcat at Cerny !
     Bearcat at Toulouse with drop tank
     Not common cat
     Little plane with big engine
     TBM parking
     TBM starting engine
     TBM taxiing at Cerny
     Not common TBM

Hawker Fury 1
     Expo in rainy weather at Cerny
     Take off from Cerny
    Crashed but may be reconstructed.

Hawker Hurricane
    Under construction.

Hawker Sea Fury
     Preparing for take off

Hispano HA 1112 Buchon 
     Parking at Duxford
     Take off from Cerny
     Gear up !
     Taxiing at Cerny

Lockheed P38 Lightning
    Send me your photos ! Plane crashed : "California Cuttie."

MS 505 Criquet / Fieseler 156 Storch
    Under construction

Messerschmitt Bf 109
     Nose and engine fairing
     Taxiing at St Valery en Caux 1994
     Back in the french countryside
     Expo at Cerny
     Display at Toulouse
        Accidented planes Bf 109 G2 and Bf 109 G10. But not destroyed.

North American B25 Mitchell
     Taxiing at Duxford
     Stopping engines at Lille
     Taxiing at Lyon Bron
     Engine and propeller
     Taxiing at Falaise

North American T6 Texan
     Foggy morning at Amiens
     Guess what plane is above !

North American P51 Mustang
     Taxiing at Le Bourget
     Stopping for the photograph at Lyon Bron Plane crashed in 1999.
     Expo at Le Bourget Not common aircraft.

Supermarine Spitfire 
     Mark XIV at Lille
     Mark IX taxiing
     Patrouille IX / XVI
     See the SPITFIRE special page with many photos  

Republic P47 Thunderbolt
    Send me your photos !

Westland Lysander
     Mad machine
     Technical problems at Lille

Yak 11 
     Parking at Cormeilles
     Parking at Le Bourget
     Seen at Lille
     Expo at Lille
     In flight
     Other aircraft at Le Bourget
     Other aircraft at Le Bourget


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