Jets militaires - Military jets

     Jaguar E30 parking
     Patrouille serrée 1
     Patrouille serrée 2

Chance Vought Crusader F8E(FN) / F8P
     End of journey
     Flies high....with airbrake out Small picture
     No 10 in flight
     No 39 on approach
     No 39 final approach
     2 F8P with F4U and sun
     2 F8P with F4U and clouds

Dassault Mirage 2000
     Mirage 2000D parking

Dassault Mirage 4000
     Mirage 4000 camouflage
     Mirage 4000 original

Dassault Mirage IV
     Mirage IV in flight
     Mirage IV taxiing
     Mirage IV taxiing
     Mirage IV "AH" (has dropped nuclear charge for trials during the 60' )

Dassault Mirage III
     Mirage III E
     Mirage III B
     Mirage III C front view
     Mirage III C side view
     Mirage III C tail
This machine on static at Djidouti

Dassault Mirage F1
     Mirage F1C parking
     Mirage F1CT expo

Dassault Rafale
     Rafale M02
     Heavy load (up to ... 9 500kg !)
     Close up on nose of M01
     Same subject, artist photo

Dassault Guardian
     Parking at Tahiti Small picture

English Electric Camberra 
     In flight side view
     In flight upward view
     Taxiing at Duxford

Hawker Harrier Gr5
     Cockpitt two seater
     Cockpitt single seater

Lockheed F104 Starfighter
     Static at Le Bourget
     J79 exhaust !
     Front view
    This aircraft preserved at Le Bourget.

Lockheed F117 Nighthawk
     They are americans...

Mig 15 UB
     Mig 15 bis UTI
     Mig 15 bis UTI closer
     In flight (No, it is not TASS photo, it is mine !) (small picture and rain)

Mig 21
     Mig 21-93 expo
     Mig 21 Lancer taxiing (1000 mm focal)

Mig 29
     Mig29 M with auxiliary power unit
     Mig29 M right side and weapons
     Mig29 M left side with scale and upward intake protection
     Mig29 M close up on nose I guess this aircraft has no gun
     Mig29 SM
     Mig29 UB
     Mig29 UB nose

Mig 31
     Le Bourget...

Mig AT
     Display under bad weather at Le Bourget

North American F100D 
     Pot de fleurs...
     Side view
This machine on static at Djidouti. This machine had big nose art like shark teeth shape when operational.
Notice that even when the J57 is cold, paint has problem to stay in place...

PANAVIA Tornado 
     Taxiing at Duxford
     Parking at Duxford
     Nose art "Gulf Killer"
     Front view

SAAB 35 Drakken
     J35 left
     J35 right
     J35 front
    This aircraft preserved at Le Bourget.

SAAB 37 Viggen
     JA37 No 10 parking
     JA37 No 11 parking  Notice strange black stripes on this aircraft upper surfaces
     JA37 No 34 on display
     JA37 rear
     JA37 No 34 on display... under rain
     Shots at Dijon, 2000.

Soukhoï 27
    Send me your photos !

Soukhoï 34/30IB/32FN
     Taxiing after landing

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